Top 10 Computer Viruses of all Time

The Internet has been a revolutionary technology that changed the world and the hackers have been trying to crack the vulnerabilities that they can use for their own gains. They also pose a threat to the internet.Here are the top 10 viruses and worms that impacted the world.

1. Melissa
Davil L Smith in 1999 created a virus called Melissa based on Microsoft Word Macro.The virus propagated through the email messages with a attachment called ”Here is that document you asked for, don’t show it to anybody else.”When the victim clicks the attachment, the virus replicates itself by sending it to top 50 emails on the contact list.

Developed in Philippines it propagated through Internet Relay Chat and by emails in a Visual Basic Script attachment by tricking them to believe the email is from a secret admirer.It hid several copies of the file in victims computer and replaced several files in the Hard disk of itself.It downloaded a virus file Win-BugsFix.Exe from the internet and executed it.The file would then email the passwords to the Hackers email address.The worm accounted for over 10 billion in damages.

3.  Code Red & Code Red II
Found in 2000, Created a backdoor in the victims computer and used it to control remote access to carry of various kinds of attacks including Denial of Service using the victims computer. The virus used a vulnerability in Windows 2000 and Windows NT , where the buffer overwrites the adjacent memory if the buffer overflows due to too much information.

4. The KLEZ
The Klez debuted in late 2000 , lasted fo several months and spread using spoofed emails to the contact list in the victims computer.It could either act as a Trojan Horse,virus or a worm.The virus made the operaating system inoperable or sometimes could even stop a antivirus program.
5. Nimda
Nimda, Admin spelled backwards, found in 2001 the virus spread rapidly and attacked major internet servers and created backdoors in the victims computer for Denial of Service Attacks.It spread through various methods including emails and gained similar level of access as the person logged into the computer, i e as a administrator or limited user.It bought down many network services by taking up and depleting its resources.
6. SQL slammer/Sapphire
Found in January 2003, the Virus bought down several major web services including Bank Of America ATM services and Continental Airlines and caused more than 1 billion in losses.It spread rapidly doubling every few seconds and infecting half of internet backbone servers in fifteen minutes before the antivirus software’s caught it.
7. MyDoom
Created in 2004 , created a backdoor in victims computer and spread through spoofed emails and peer to peer networks. MyDoom had 2 triggers , where one trigger command was used to command it to Denial of Service attack and the second trigger was used to command stop distribution of the virus.
8. Sasser and Netsky 
Created by  a 17-year-old German named Sven Jaschan , though both programs behaved in different ways, the similarity in coding led in finding out the person. Sasser virus attacked a windows vulnerability and propagated by attacking the victim computer and scanning potential IP addresses for other vulnarable computers for downloading the virus. It even made the victim’s computer difficult in shutting down their computer.   Netsky moves through email’s and windows networks through a attachment and causes a Denial of service attack in taking down web services.
9. Leap-A
Malicious program designed specifically for attacking vulnerability in Mac. Found in 2006, it uses the iChat program to send out messages to all the contacts in the contact list and propagating further to other vulnerable Mac computers. The virus sends out a corrupted file which looks like a jpeg image file attached through the iChat application.

10. Storm Worm
Storm Worm is a Trojan horse program.Found in the year 2006 and called with different names,storm worm is used to carry different payloads of programs in it.This was also used to create Botnets which is used for remote control of the victims computer for sending out spam mails.It was found that more than 200 million emails were infected in carrying the Storm Worm virus in  a span of few days.The Worm was downloaded off the links disguised of the recent events taking place at the time, like the Beijing Olympics or Earthquake in China.

Hack Cellphones With Super Bluetooth Hack

Super Bluetooth Hack is the best and also well known Mobile Bluetooth hacking software available. Many of you might be aware of this or even already be using this  free tool. So the post is mainly for the noobs out there who didn’t come across this tool until now.
Super Bluetooth Hack is a free and most importantly the most powerful hacking software for mobile phones that exists till date. It includes a wide range of  features like..
  • Import Contacts.
  • Play Songs in music Player
  • Switch Off
  • Restart Phone
  • Restore Factory Settings
  • Play Ringtones
  • Read Inbox
  • Send Message
  • Call using his phone
  • Browse Files
  • Change Profiles
The tool requires the victim to accept the Bluetooth connection first, but this is just a one time procedure for pairing the phones.Then it doesn’t require to pair the phones the next time.
Check out the tool from the download link given below and try out this tool in your Symbian phones.n have Fun!!!!..:)

Top 5 alternatives for Dropbox to Share files Online

Dropbox is the best file file sharing site online which offers simplicity of use on its cloud based sharing. But if you wanted to know some of the other alternatives like dropbox then read on to find the top 5 best dropbox alternatives.

This is far the best dropbox alternative out there that offers more space than the dropbox which is around 5GB. Try this out if you want to share larger files online than dropbox permits.As the name says, this is a mesh network in which each peer exchanges data with any other without any central system.
This is an other alternative to dropbox that offers simple and a easy to use interface to share files online. This is also  a open source service that offers free space and lest you host files in your own server. Even encrypts the data or optionally stores scrambled so that there is no access to your files to others.
Offers free space of 2GB or more under premium service. Stores data by encryption and also saves history by preserving all the old and deleted files. Supports all operating systems like windows , Mac, Linux.
Sugarsync is another strong alternative to dropbox which offers more free space of upto 5GB and lets you share and access files using many of operating systems including mobile phones.Supports Windows,Mac,Linux, Android,iOS,Blackberry.
This is a dropbox alternative for only windows operating system. Syncplicity lets you share files on the cloud using better management features.Offers a free space of 2GB and can be extended 1 GB more for every friend referral.So its like almost unlimited storage space until you keep catching  some friend to register for an account.
So there you have it, the top 5  alternatives that provide comparable service as that of  dropbox.

How to hide the Facebook Questions

Facebook launched the new questions feature which seems  to be great way  for people to interact and share their views and opinions and makes Facebook much more fun. But the questions  takes up too much space in the update wall and makes it look all messed up. So for those who would like to hide these Facebook questions on the wall then read on.


Firefox and Safari
Facebook doesn’t seem to offer any blocking for some specific type of updates, but you can take help of the Firefox plugin called FB Purity.This tool is even available for safari users and helps you in filtering a lot of stuff off your Facebook wall, like questions ,spam,buttons etc.And provides a end result page with simple layout and less clutter and improved loading time.
Google Chrome
But if you are a chrome user then check out a tool called Hide FB Questions, that lets you manage your Facebook wall with improved layout and control over the questions feature of  Facebook. Install the tool from the link and clear the cache in order to view immediate results.

5 Best Free tools to Compress Images online

Compressing the image is the basic needs of any blogger who would want to optimize the images on his site to save space space and bandwidth for faster loading time. But what if you suddenly experience a problem with your compression tool or either you dont have the tool or resources to do the compress at your workplace.So here are some of the top 5 best image compression tools that are available online.

This was one of the tools that topped the search for image compresses online. this tool compresses , re sizes and optimizes images online.But may even give a optimized image with a larger file size.So be sure to reduce the quality level to get compressed images.
Here is another tool that compresses images online  and has a cleaner interface.Gives you the percentage savings after the image is compressed. Even converts files like GIF to PNG for better compression.

This is another Great tool that features full control over the output of your image. You can opt to set in the compression percentage and the tool will take care of the rest.There are no complex settings and involves just setting up the percentage of compression.

Here the image is compressed to the size lower than the original file given to it . The interface lets you choose multiple files for upload and compression at the same time.The converted file may be in PNG format and you don’t have much control over it.

Lets much control over the image optimization by giving you the options to set color variation,intensity,pixels, border and more.The optimized image may be larger than the original file itself but keeping the same format as original.

How to Hack In To School Servers

Ok guys, this can get you into a lot of shit, I did a bit of this a few days ago so try not to get caught, I got caught because all the computer have remote administration on them, so remember to read the notes at the end of this tutorial.
This will only work with Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP for definite.
If you read this entire tutorial you’ll be able to modify user accounts, delete account, create admin accounts, and send messages, shutdown computers and more.

Getting into MS-DOS
To do this ‘hacking’ you’ll have to have access to MS-DOS Command Prompt (cmd), if your schools computer administrator has disabled this tool then you’ll have to go a different path, read the following text to create an unblocked cmd tool.

If you have access to cmd then there is no reason for you to read this unless you want to learn.

First open notepad, if you can’t; go onto any site, right click and select ‘View Source’, this will bring up notepad so delete all the text and type in, save it has anything.bat then open it.

Once you are in command prompt all you have to do is type in certain commands to ‘hack’ your schools server.

How to send a message to ever computer:
Type Net Send * “Type whatever you want here”

How to create an account with no password:

Net User username /ADD

Put your desired username where it says ‘username’.
Example: Net User Shane /ADD

How to create an account with a password:

Net User username password /ADD

Put your desired username where it says ‘username’ and desired password where it says ‘password’.

Example: Net User Shane r7rh67dy5 /ADD

How to delete accounts:

Net User username /DELETE

Put the username of the account you want to delete where is says ‘username’.

If you can’t create accounts then you’ll need admin rights, so read on to find out how to get them.

Net localgroup administrator Shane /ADD

If you want to get into control panel etc read on,
Once in MS-DOS type in any of there commands to get into certain folders or open certain programs.

Type in:

Control panel - Opens Control Panel
Control admintools – Opens Admin Tools
Ipconfig /all – Find out your schools IP
Ipconfig /renew – Changes school IP
Ipconfig /release – Release/deletes IP

How to get passed web filters:

There are a few ways of doing this but I’m going to show you the two most popular ways of doing so, you can either use a proxy; go to a site such as, just Google ‘proxies’ for more.
The second option is to use the IP of the site, so open MS-DOS, type in ping site here (put the site name where it says ‘site here’ e.g. ping (SOME WEBSITE NAME), it will come up with something like this:

Pinging (WEBSITE NAME) [IP SHOULD BE HERE] with 32 bytes of date:

Well, something similar to that.

Once you get the IP open your internet explorer e.g. FireFox/Opera/IE and type in the IP that came on in cmd.

Always delete the batch (.bat) file.
Never tell anyone your hacking unless they are trustworthy friends.
Never do it on your account unless you have to.
If you can; sign in on your account twice on two different school computers, do it on one and logout.
Get someone to watch your back, unless you don't have a friend that can.
Don't get caught.
Don't act like a smart ass e.g. 'Give me some evidence that I hacked the server', agree with them and apologise to them e.g. 'I'm very sorry, I didn't really want to do it; it was just a bit of fun, i'll never do it again'.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for reading.

Try those triks and post back your opinion .PPost Before “read more” And here is the rest of it

IPv6 test day Just Around the Corner

World IPv6 day is scheduled to be held on June 8th,2011 and is sponsored by the Internet  Society (ISOC). The event mainly is a global scale test flight for the IPv6 and will start at midnight (GMT) of 8th  June for a period of around 24 hours.

Several Big companies will participate for the test including Google,Facebook,Yahoo and many other companies, will change their IP address from IPv4 to IPv6 for a period of 24 hours simultaneously at the same time. This test of the new IPv6 will provide real-world data for  hardware manufacturers, Internet Service Providers,Operating system vendors and for all the participating Web companies.
It is believed that IPv4 will saturate in the near future and even if its used ,will provide much security risk of managing or blocking a single malicious IP address that may be shared by thousands of genuine users.
What does it mean for you??…Well not much , the test is basically carried out in a controlled manner such that the problems are found and corrected.So a very few errors are expected for the big company sites while testing ,but it wont effect the average user much in terms of latency and might go unnoticed.

3 Best WordPress plugins to hide your Affiliate Links

Affiliate links don’t make the link look nice with all the question marks or sometimes even have a long string in them.So visitors don’t usually click on such links when they see a affiliate link.So the Best option is to hide the links behind a clean link that doesn’t look like a affiliate link. And hence we here found 3 wordpress plugins that will help you do just that.

Simple yet powerful redirect plugin that will help you to setup custom link for your affiliate link which will be redirected automatically on click to that link. You can even set the link to be “dofolow” or “nofollow” to be indexed or not to be indexed by the bots.

Link mask generator module is a module bundled with the WordPress SEO plugin SEO Ultimate.This will help you to create custom URL for any link in the post. Even creates multiple redirect links for single affiliate link.

So i have saved best for the last.Pretty link is a awesome WordPress plugin that has a simpler interface and easy to use. Pretty link provides as many links for your affiliate links for a given affiliate link and even sets the 301 or 307 redirects.The best part about this pretty link plugin is that it allows to track the clicks on the links created by this plugin and know the affiliate clicks for each link in the post.

Find out Flight Timings with a click with Google Search

Google recently rolled out a new search feature that allows you to search and find for any particular flight from a source to the destination location, all listed out in order with all the details of the carrier and the expected travel period.

This new feature works with
flight [from] [to]
and hit search.It will display the summary of all the scheduled flights listed out in order.This feature was announced on friday on their  Inside Search Blog. The feature seems to work for all major airports and excludes only the smaller and not well known airports.
I tried out this feature myself and worked out pretty neat.With “flight Delhi Bengaluru” or “flight DEL BLR” which gave all the flights destined to bengaluru from delhi in the drop down list.
Well check out this awesome and a handy new feature from google which makes the task of finding the flight timings soo much simpler.Cheers..:)

30+ Facebook Tips/Tricks and Hacks that you Should Know

Facebook is undoubtedly the king of social networking and with the majority of its users logging in multiple times in a day, to either check out their friends updates or post their own status. With these usage factors in mind, its important to make use of some of the tricks to better your usage and speed up your time Facebook so that you get more time for the life outside Facebook.

So here are some of the cool tricks that will help you in managing your account more easily and also some cool tricks to show off your geeky side.Enjoy.:)
1 How to Download entire Facebook Photo Albums
Tired of copying individual photos of your friends album that he/she shared of your last vacation?..Well here is a time saving and a faster solution called FacePAD,available for Mozilla Firefox browser, allows you to download the entire Facebook album with a single click.

2.How to Schedule your Facebook Status Updates and Messages
What if  you wont be logging into Facebook for a few days as you are going on a vacation or something and you need to post some updates or send messages on a particular day, well sendible makes it easy to schedule your status updates and messages.Although you can use a simpler alternative called LaterBro which is less time consuming than the Sendible.

3 How to Hide Online Status from Certain people in Chat
This is a basic feature available in Facebook, but not many of them use this as they still don’t know this.Create separate lists of friends and set the status for each list separately.Block-Facebook-Chat

4 How to Friend a person and hide this update
This is an important and useful trick that can be used to friend a person without letting his/her friends getting the update( like your ex ‘s sister or someone..:P)…Here is a quick guide for the trick from Makeuseof  Tutorial.

5 How to add cool symbols to your Facebook Status
You might have seen people posting weird symbols on their status, well you can do that too.Head over to this link or here to find out the various alt codes to use in your status.For more Check out Hongkiat
6 How to show your Facebook status on your WordPress blog
Here is a plugin called StatusPress that lets you view the status updates on a widget in your WordPress blog.Install it and you are good to go.
7 How to turn your Status updates into a cool 3D Word Cloud
This trick requires a Facebook application called Status Analyzer 3D which gets you a list of status updates and turns them into colorful animated word cloud which you can then share with your friends.

8 How to Get Status Updates from Anyone around the World
This is kind of  like a trick to exploit the privacy set by the users. Head over to YourOpenBook and you can search anyone’s status by selecting the gender and the keyword or you can even browse the recent searches made.

9 How to Update Your Facebook Status From Firefox Browser
You can post your Facebook status directly from your Firefox browser using 2 Firefox plugins.Well there seems to thousands of plugins for everything for Firefox and here are the 2 plugins FireStatus or a toolbar Facebook Toolbar .
10 How to Automatically Poke Back your friends who poked you
If you don’t have enough time to poke back every time someone pokes you then try out this Grease Monkey Script called Facebook AutoPoke
11 How to Update your Facebook Status Directly from Gmail
Here is a great gadget called Facebook Gadget from iGoogle that lets you post updates directly from your Gmail.
12 How to Access Gmail Data from Facebook
This is a awesome feature if you often log into Facebook than your Gmail account.Check out a Facebook Application called Fmail that lets you browse your Gmail in Facebook.
13 How to Get Facebook in your Desktop
If you like to stay on your desktop to browse Facebook rather go to your time consuming web browser to start up and load all the tabs and stuff.Check out these tools for easier Facebook access on your desktop using these Facebook desktop clients Facebook Desktop, Scrapboy , Seesmic Desktop, Facebook Sidebar Gadget , Facebooker, Facebook AIR application FaceDesk, Xobni, FBTrayNotify.
14 How to access Facebook Chat on your Desktop
If you just want to chat with your online facebook friends from your desktop, check out the popular tools like Digsby,or Gabtastik, or other options like adium.

15 How to Create a photo Collage using all your facebook friends pictures.
Want to create a beautiful collage of all your Facebook friends pictures, well head over to Facebook application called Photo Collage, you can then share the result with your friends and have fun.
16 Post Upside Down Status Updates on your Wall
If you have seen friends posting upside down status updates and even you would like to try em, check out this tool called FlipText which provides you with the upside down text to post on your wall.fliptext-hackhow-facebook

17 Get your Facebook Profile as Pirates Page
Change your Facebook Profile language settings to English(Pirate) in the language settings.You will notice hilarious pirate language transformations like , comment -> blabber t’yer mates, whats on your mind -> what be troublin’ ye? and a whole lot more. I Really loved this feature and i still use it cause its a whole lot fun and makes Facebook much more exiting.facebook-pirate-hackhow

18 How to Upload and Share Flickr Photos on Facebook
This is a great tool if you have your albums uploaded in Flickr and wanted to upload them into Facebook. The plugin is called Flickr2Facebook that gets you this job done easily.
19  Update Your Facebook Pages without Using Facebook
There are 2 major services that offer these features Hellotxt and Ping Fm. Although both the services are closely competitive , hellotxt has been the older player than ping Fm and is more convenient to set up and use than ping fm.

20 How to Download Videos from Facebook
Facebook has a large vast collection of shared videos and if you want to download them into your hard disk, then use a online tool called DownFacebook.

21 How to Show Only Selected Profile Pictures on your Friends list in your Facebook Profile
Well if you are trying to find the trick to edit your friends list pictures to show up only your particular friends then here is the trick. Click on the edit button(looks like  a pencil) above your friends box,in the “Always show these friends”, select only those friends that you would like to  see in your friends list by others.And you are good to go.

22 How to Post your Blog Posts automatically on your Facebook Page or your  wall
There are 2 most widely used plugins or tools available to automatically onto your Facebook wall.
If you are a WordPress user then check out a plugin called WordBook that lets you automatically post on your wall.
For other blogging platforms, check out another popular tool or a Facebook plugin called Networked Blogs which offers you this feature.An alternative to Networked blogs is RSS Graffiti .

23 How to View Facebook as in Twitter
If you are a big fan of twitter or you either like to have fun with your Facebook interface, then check out this cool hack to change your Facebook into twitter style using a Greasemonkey script from userscripts here.

24 How to Import and add Facebook friends to twitter
Here is a great app that lets you follow the right people who are in your Facebook friends list and follow the on twitter using the Facebook App called  Friend Lynx.

25 How to Check your very  status updates stats or find your very old status
Well the app called Status Statistics that lets you see all your status updates stats and generate a list of your updates along with the graph of your posting times in a day and particular days in a week. So if you had to find your old status update , then this can help you in saving time in going through your history on your wall.

26  How to Update your Facebook Status from Twitter (or update Both simultaneously)
This is another cool app that will help the everyday twitter users to update their Facebook walls at the same time as their tweets.Check out the Twitter App for Facebook that will set your status updates same time as you tweet once the app is in sync with your twitter account.

27 How to do the Worst Profile Trick
This is a simple trick to post a profile id on your wall and when your friends click on it will take them to their own profile..Check this out, here is the trick..Post your status “Worst Profile ever″ and its done.

28 How to Access Facebook From Microsoft Outlook
Facebook seems to be accessible from everywhere, and here is a way to access using the Microsoft Outlook. This is often useful in cases where Facebook is banned in college networks , so try out this plugin called FBLook to access  Facebook through Microsoft Outlook.

29 Keyboard Shortcuts to use in Facebook
This shortcuts are less known as people prefer to use their mouse rather than go with these shortcut keys..But just to let you know here they are
Internet Explorer :
Alt-1 – Enter goes to  Home page;
Alt-2- Enter goes to your profile;
Alt-3- Enter lets you view Friend requests;
Alt-M- Enter starts a new message;
Alt-Enter places your cursor in Facebook’s Search box.
Firefox-Same keys but replace Alt with “Alt+ Shift”

30 How to remove Facebook Advertisements
If you don’t want those Facebook ads popping up on your Facebook walls and pages, then use this Grease Monkey Script from UserScripts to clean up those messy ads –>Script link. Another alternative for Firefox users is to use the Firefox plugin called AdBlock Plus
Share your tips or tricks  that you would like to share with us and do let us know by your comments..Cheers..:)

How people try to Cheat Google Adsense

Google adsense is the most profitable  revenue stream for publishers and also a reliable advertiser for its advertisers, but some people may try to earn more money by fraud clicks or many other ways that are mentioned here to finally get their  accounts banned. The post may sound good for people who came in searching for cheating tricks , but if you try these methods, you will surely end up banning your adsense account.So here are the tricks that you should not be doing just to earn some quick bucks..

google adsense

1 Clicking your own Ads
This is the most dumbest method and is mainly used by  noobs who don’t understand web technology and the internet . These fraud clicks may range from few clicks to even hundreds of clicks, just to make money faster. But the end result is no mystery.
2 Click through rate manipulation
Click Through Rate(CTR) of a page is usually considered to be 7% or less on an average.If there are more fraud clicks on your site, resulting in CTR of more than 10%, will surely raise Google’s flag. So some people try to adjust the click through rate by displaying the ads in junk low keyword density pages generating high traffic visits onto those pages. This then lowers the CTR below 10% and they even use the low CPC ads on those junk pages.
3 Fool the Visitors
When the site Admin puts the ads on the section of  ‘Sponsors’ or any other boxes with weird messages like ‘Support Us’ or ‘Click Here’, will raise flags to Google about these high clicked and low  value Ads and get their Account Banned soon enough.Only box title’s mentioned in the Google Adsense TOS policy can be used. So let your Ads look like Ads and don’t try to fool the visitors.
4 No Content , Only Ads in Page
If you insert all Adsense codes on a single page without content, then the user has no choice but to click on the Ads expecting to see some results or information that he came for, but this will lead to more Ad clicks which are closed instantly after the user discovers it as an Ad.So the Google has to protect its Advertisers and provide the value for what they are paying to Google.So google has no other choice but to terminate your account.
5 Ask Friends Or Family to Click your Ads
Here is another trick that’s used by noobs.  The Blogger might ask his friends living far off or abroad to click through his ads. But Google has enough Data from search engines or your profile across the internet to know how the clicks are generated and how that IP is related to your Address and find out if you have any friends or family in that place.So stop asking your relatives or friends to click your ads just because they live in far places.Multiple clicks from that friends IP location will get your Adsense account Banned.
6 The Popular Click Ring Network Cheat
The bloggers organize ring networks using the forums and social networking sites and plan the fraud clicks ,among their mutual website ads and click through each others ads.Once google finds out about this trick, you are sure to get banned from the program.
7 Proxy to Click Ads
Another popular trick among the publishers, for which they use proxy websites like the tor “onion routers” or any other anonymizer to click on their ads on their website.This trick is well known and might land your adsense account into big trouble.
8 Paid Ad Click Cheat
Paid Click Cheaters are often available for around $50 and mainly are people employed from developing countries like China,Phillipines,India or Pakistan. This lets the owner of the site to earn some money until his account gets banned from Google Adsense.
9 Automated Software ClickBots for Advertisements
The ClickBots are smart programs written in order to generate good CTR by browsing multiple pages on the site and then clicking on the ads, and stay for a few minutes to avoid suspicion. Some ClickBots even change their IP address , so that the Ads appear Genuine to Google.
10 Multiple Computers Click Fraud
This user Doesn’t have much knowledge about IP address or internet technology for that instance.The person tries to click on the ads from multiple computers from home ,Internet Centers, or any other internet spots.
Disclaimer: These methods mentioned here are solely to warn you about the consequences of your account getting banned if you try any of these methods listed here.And i do not recommend you to try any of these unethical tricks and even i don’t use these tricks myself. So this post is mainly to help you be aware of the reasons for Google adsense accounts getting banned and help you to prevent your account from getting banned …CHEERS..!!

How to Hide any file inside a Photo or any Image File

Hiding files inside an image file was never easy with all the nuisance encrypting and password protection by a software just to hide a file.But here is a simple trick to demonstrate how to hide any kind of file like .Exe or .flv or .txt inside a image file.
The art of hiding any file inside an image is called steganography and you can refer this link for more details.The trick uses a JPEG image file to store a any kind of file in it.So follow up these simple steps to hide a file inside the image..

Step 1 :
Get an JPEG image file and a txt file for this trick as in the screenshot, here i have used a text file and a JPG format file PS: Thats my cat with ma cellphone :P

Step 2 : Now select the files/files you want to hide and compress them in a ZIP or a RAR archive to get a compressed File.

Step 3 : Now open up your command prompt by going to Start->Run->Type ‘Cmd’ and Hit Enter. You will see the command prompt current folder set to Documents Directory. Now change to root directory C:\ by typing “cd \” where your files are located.
Step 4 : Now what you will need to do is combine both te image and RAR file to create a new image file that will look he same. Type in copy /b SAM_0573.JPG+FileToHide.rar NewImage.JPG in the command prompt and it will create a new image file of same format with the RAR file inside it.Here is the screenshot

Now you will notice that the image file size has increased as a result of the copied file inside it.
Now just compressing the file inside the image wont do, we need to get the file back.So the simple trick is to Open the Image file with WinRAR using Open With..
An alternate way to open the image file to get the file is to change the extension of the image file from .JPG to .RAR and open it as a compressed file.
Well there you have it, this is a simple trick to hide your files in an image and you can even use this trick to brag with your friends and show off your geeky side. Leave your comments or suggestions that you would like to share with us…Cheers.!!..:D..

Use Multiple Passwords for different Websites using a Single Master Password

Its a fact that majority of the web users tend to sign up and register in various websites and use the same passwords on them because its easier to remember.Well recent attacks on popular websites proved that this idea might be dangerous as hackers who gain data of any weak security website database  will try to use it for multiple accounts like paypal, using that  email address and  password, and most of the times find the passwords similar for these  accounts.

This is a terrible mistake as many people become victim of theft or malicious actions and this  will lead to creating a chain reaction of  the persons accounts getting hacked across various websites he had registered. So to prevent these kinds of attacks, its advisable to use different password for every different account, but this makes it harder to remember each password.
Solution –> So here is a firefox addon called Password Hasher which will generate random passwords for each website sign up using a master password. This addon has the following features
  • Easy to remember single master password for multiple passwords on different websites.
  • Change passwords using the site tag immediately.
  • Easy to change master key password without effecting other websites.
  • Generate passwords automatically.
  • Choice to select password length and type of passwords including case and digits.
So as its specified, its even provides the option for the generated password length and also prompts the usage of case and digits in the password to be generated.
To see the passwords on the browsers where the plugin is not available, it even generates a portable page as of to be able to carry the passwords with you all the time without the support of the addon.
Source :FirefoxMastery

How to hack websites by Remote File Inclusion

Hello friends,  Today i am going to explain and advanced method of hacking websites that is How to hack websites using Remote File Inclusion. As the name suggests Remote File Inclusion is technique where we inserts the file (in hacking terminology called Shell) in to the Website and gets the admin rights. Lets discuss this type of Website hacking technique in detail, so friends read on…                                                                                  Remote File Inclusion : Website hacking Method

What is Remote File Inclusion?

Remote File Inclusion is a method of hacking websites and getting the admin rights of the server by inserting a remote file usually called as SHELL (a shell is graphical user interface file which is used to browsing the remote files and running your own code on the web servers) into a website, whose inclusion allows the hackers to execute the server side commands as a current user logged on, and have the access to all the server files. With these rights we can continue to use local exploits to escalate our privileges and get control over the whole server.
Note: Remote File Inclusion (RFI) is the best ever technique to hack websites and more than 60% websites on the internet using PHP are vulnerable to this attack.

Which Websites are Vulnerable to Remote File Inclusion attack?

First and the very basic question arises in the mind of new hackers that How we can find the websites that its prone to remote file inclusion attack. And what are the basic vulnerabilities in the website that we will target to hack any website and web server. Answer to these questions is quite simple.
Many of the web servers are vulnerable to this type of attack because of PHP’s default settings of register_globals  and allow_url_fopen being enabled.
Note: In the PHP 6.0, register_globals has been removed but still the second vulnerability remains open, so we can give it a try to latest version PHP websites too. But a good news for hackers is that around 90% websites on the internet still uses old versions of PHP and another good news in those 90% websites, more than 60% websites has default settings enabled. That means we can hack most of the websites and deface them. Isn’t that cool, but as i have said we are ethical hackers we only find vulnerabilities in the websites .

Now lets start step by step Remote file inclusion method to hack websites:

Step 1: Finding the Vulnerable Websites

First of all we have to find the website that gets his pages using the PHP include() function and vulnerable to RFI (Remote File Inclusion). The best technique is to find websites using Google Dorks. Google dorks are simply the queries that are used to identify the specific search results.
Download the list of Dorks for RFI : CLICK HERE
I have already listed a lot off GOOGLE DORKS in my previous post of hacking websites, so you can look them here:
How to deface websites using SQL injection.

Step 2: Identifying Vulnerable website

Websites that have the page navigation system similar to below mentioned:

Step 3: Checking Website is Vulnerable or Not

To check if a the website is vulnerable to remote file inclusion attack, we would try to include a website link  instead of PageName as shown below:
Now if the Google Home Page opens, then its confirmed that website is vulnerable to Remote File Inclusion attack and we will continue our attack. If Google homepage doesn’t opens, we will try another website.

Step 4:  Remote Inclusion of Shells

Now we know that website is hackable, so we will now include the shells into the website. There are number of shells available online but my favorite are C99 and r57 because of their extended functionality and features.
There is no need to download these shells on your systems or PC, we can directly use the online resources for doing that but if you wish you can download them from their respective websites. I will not provide these here because its unethical but Google it and u can find them easily.
To find the a shell the hacker would search Google for:
This will display many websites with the shell already up and ready to be included.
Note: you must include a ? after the URL of Shell  so that if anything comes after c99.txt, it will be passed to the shell and not cause any problems.
For future use of Analysis you can download these shells from here:
The new URL with the shell included would look like:

Step 5: Adding Null Byte

Sometimes the PHP script on the server appends “.php” to the end of every included file. So if you included the shell, it would end up looking like “c99.txt.php” and not work. To get around this, you would add a null byte () to the end of c99.txt. This tells the server to ignore everything after c99.txt.

Step 6:  Vulnerabilities Database

In step one, I told you that hackers use Google dorks to look for sites possibly vulnerable to RFIs. An example of a Google dork would be:
This looks for URL’s with .php?page= in them. This is only an example and you most likely won’t find any vulnerable sites with that search. You can try switching around the word “page” with other letters and similar
Hackers usually search vulnerability databases like for already discovered RFI vulnerabilities in site content management systems and search for websites that are running that vulnerable web application with a Google dork.

Step 6: If Attack Successful

If we succeeds in getting the server to parse the shell, then we will be see a screen similar to the following:                                                           hacking websites using remote file inclusion, learn how to hack websites
The shell will display information about the remote server and list all the files and directories on it. From here we would find a directory that has read and write privileges and upload the shell but this time as a .php file so that incase the vulnerability is fixed, he will be able to access it later on.

Step7: Find Root Privileges on Server

Now we would next find a way to gain root privileges on the system. We can do this by uploading and running local exploits against the server. you can find list of such exploits on milw0rm. We could also search the victim server for configuration files. These files most of the times contain username and passwords for the MYSQL databases and such.
That’s all the way to hack websites using the remote file inclusion method. I hope you all have liked it. And i am sure you all have a lot of questions regrading this, so don’t hesitate and ask in form of comments. I will try to clear all your queries.

How to Protect your Websites and Forums from Remote file inclusion attack?

As we are ethical hackers i will also explain for webmasters to protect their websites from RFI attack.
To protect yourself from RFI attacks, simply make sure you are using up-to-date scripts, and make sure you server php.ini file has register_globals and allow_url_fopen disabled.
Note: Website hacking is illegal, this article is for Educational purposes only.

How to identify and stay safe from phishing scams

Phishing is a type of social engineering form of hacking a persons private data like passwords or credit card details or any other private data by faking the identity of any legitimate trustworthy company or individual.Phishing is a basic form of hacking,to steal any sensitive data and due to the less complexity involved in carrying out this hack, it is one of the most widely used method of stealing ones sensitive data. Hence this kind of attack is mainly carried out by noobs who try to steal any sensitive data and the people who are  less conscious about these kinds of  scam usually fall as a victim.

So it is well advised to properly know the kind of  phishing tricks used by these hackers in order to avoid it and hence stay safe.So here we try to create awareness about the phishing techniques used by the hackers and also educate you on how to stay safe from these kinds of security risks.
  • Use a good email filter ,antivirus software and anti spyware to stay away from any phishing scams.Its advisable to use a internet browser that has phishing filters in it. eg:Firefox,chrome,Internet Explorer or Opera.
  • Avoid mails or any links that say you have won some fabulous prizes or a lottery of any kind.These are mainly phishing scams.
  • Visit the site by going through the address bar ,rather clicking on any shortcut link from untrusted websites.
  • Check the site name when visiting a site.It may have the same design logo and interface as a genuine site but the site name may contain names with slight alterations,like in case of may be or etc
  • The highest probability of phishing attacks are carried out through email’s.So be careful about the mails in your inbox that ask for your sensitive data.
  • Use popular email services like Gmail or YahooMail that offer the best spam filters from any kind of  spam or phishing emails.
  • Report any Phishing attack or any Spam as soon as possible to ,so that the spam is contained as soon as possible and doesn’t spread across the internet.
  • Check any website that don’t use https:// while gathering sensitive data. If it is not in https:// then double check if the site is legitimate or not.
Well these points will help you stay safe on the internet and prevent you from any type of phishing attacks that harm you in any way.
If you would like to share any tip with us, then let us know by your comments.And keep visiting back for more interesting and useful topics ..Cheers,,:)

Change IP address instantly for free While Browsing

You may need to change your IP address while surfing the internet for anonymity from search engines storing your data or to access any specific location based service.  Of course you have a lot of tools offering these features like this, as the most popular anonymizer tool  tor.But the problem with that is it takes too much time to start up or it needs to be installed first to use it. But here is a free online tools that lets you change your IP address on the fly..

Here is a screenshot of the website, shows the multiple IP addresses to choose from and some may be free while others require to be purchased.
On clicking on any one of the IP addresses , it will take you to the next screen where it will display a sub address bar to your browser, which when you enter the url will redirect your request to the new IP address.
So there you go, an easy and a quick way to change your IP address on the go, without the hassle of installing any software.Try New IP Now and change your IP address instantly.

Get Yourself a Diaspora invite for Free – Limited Giveaway

Diaspora unlike Facebook or Google+ is a decentralized Social Network run by distributed Web servers maintained by some of their own users in “pods”. The Project is still under Development stage and is a invite only signup. Diaspora is gaining popularity because of the privacy concerns haunting people in major social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ which are centralized.And So i’ve got some 30 Diaspora invites to read on.!!

For those of you who still haven’t  registered for Google+, how about checking out Diaspora for the time being until that time. Diaspora allows invites of about 10 per account, but it is possible to send more invites. So follow these steps to land yourself a invite to the most popular open social networking site available on the internet.
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How to Get your Own Google+ (Plus) Short Vanity Url

Sharing your Google Plus profile link is difficult as  Google plus doesn’t yet support short url’s for the Google+ profiles yet. So Instead you will need to use the long unique number assigned  to each Google Plus profile, which is difficult to remember and also makes sharing your profile difficult. But there is an alternative to get your own vanity url for your Google plus profile. is a service that makes it easier to get your own short url for your profile to share it with your friends.This lets you create your own vanity url for your long Google Plus profile and allows you to register your username from 3 characters to 25 characters in length.Just enter in your Google Plus Profile Id in the right and get the desired available username to link that Google Plus Profile Id.
Well there you have it, a service that lets you get your own short url like in Facebook,which will provide you with a unique link to share with your friends.Link –>

How to install Linux KeyLogger in Ubuntu

A keylogger is hardware/software based, that works on the background and maps every key stroke onto a log file without the users awareness.
For linux x86 architecture, LKL is the common keylogger ,also known as Linux KeyLogger.Linux Key Logger is a open source and a free software.Once installed the keylogger maps the keyboard port 0×60 for all the keystrokes into a log file.So here is how to install the software in Ubuntu.

Steps for installing LKL:
Step 1: Download the software using the sourceforge link here.
Step 2 : Extract the files from the archive.
Step 3 : Open the Console and move the directory to this lkl folder, cd lkl.
Step 4 : Next check the required resources by running the ./configure command.
Step 5 : Compile the package using the make command and after that you can even run the make check to run the optional tests after the make.
Step 6 : Run sudo make install to install the package program.
This completes the installation process of the software.
After you finis installing the software, here are the instructions and options to work with the software.

Instructions for use:
Type ‘lkl‘ command with the following options
-k  <keymap_file> : set keymap file
-o <output_file>    : set an output file
-l   : start logging keystrokes via keyboard port
-h  : help
-m <mail_id>         : mail the logs to specific email
-t   <host>                : set host to send to mail (default : localhost)
-b  : set debug mode
Hope this helped you in successfully installing the software.Leave your comments below for queries or any other help.Cheers..:)

How to Change Your MAC Address in Windows

Every Network interface card(NIC) is assigned a unique address called a Media Access Control (MAC) Address which is assigned by the card manufacturer, different from any other NIC. This MAC address is use during the packet transmission when connected to any wired/wireless network. But in case you need to change the MAC address of your Machine in certain cases where a range of specific MAC addresses may not be permitted in some networks, then there is a simpler and easier alternative to carry out this process.
Win7 MAC Address change is a free software tool available for windows , that lets you change the MAC address of your network adapter of either wired/wireless cards. The software doesn’t require any installation and  can be run directly on download. The software needs to be run in administrator mode for the required permissions to change the MAC address.

  • Small Size of the software 75kB and easily portable.
  • Simple interface and easy to use.
  • Supports all network card vendors of both wired and wireless network cards
  • No installation required
  • Also supports Windows XP and Vista
  • Random MAC address  generator.
  • MAC address can be reset easily to default by Reset button.
  • Generates Logs of changes made ,and hence user can easily undo any changes.
  • System information can be obtained using the System Information Module
Download Link:  Win7 MAC Address Changer

How to Browse and get Linux Partition files in Windows

What if you wanted to get some files from the linux partition while in windows and you don not find a way to get it.Or what if your linux boot failed and you need to get some important files from the linux partition.Well here is a solution.Many of the linux distributions use the ext4 partition during the installation and  the older versions used the ext2 and ext3 partitions.
While separate tools are available to access these kind of partitions.A simple yet powerful tool can combine this feature to access any kind of linux partitions.
This software is called Ext2explore which is a open source and free software that lets you browse through the linux partition from your windows operating system.You can run this software in windows XP3, Windows Vista ad Windows 7. Just download the software from the sourceforge website and unzip in any folder and this doesn’t require any kind of installation.
After you unzip it you will need to set up some compatibility issues.So Right click on  ext2explorer.exe file and go to properties.Under compatibility tab ,select windows xp (service pack 3) and under privilege level check the Run this program as an administrator option.

Now double click on the .exe file to run it and you will see the linux partitions in the disk scanned and listed.And remember to run this software as a administrator to view the files.
To save any file just browse to the file and right click to select save option and it will ask for the location to save the file on the disk outside the linux partition.
So there you have it, and easy and a free way to get your files from the linux partition from windows.Cheers..:)

How to Login to Any Website Without Registration

Some of the websites force you to register your details and create your account first , to be able to get access to their downloads or any other features that they require an account. But this can be dangerous when a lot of websites are being hacked these days and your private information may be compromised when any of these sites get hacked. Also all these registration processes, wastes a lot of time in filling up those fields and confirming it via email etc. So here is a simple and quick solution that you can easily log into any websites without even having the hassle of registering or creating an account.
BugMeNot is a popular service that lets users share their login information ,so that  it could be used by others and hence be available for any website they are trying to log in.
You will just need to enter the website url in the box provided in the home page of  BugMeNot and it will return a list of login usernames and passwords for you to access the website with the percentage of success rates for each of the respective passwords.
So you can now login to majority of website without even registering or creating an account first.If you share your thoughts or want to share some sites similar to this please leave your suggestions on the comment section below.Cheers..:)
Url BugMeNot.Com

How to Hack and change the Start Menu Button in Windows 7

Have you ever wanted to customize your operating system just to suit your style or even to show off in front of  your buddies. Well here is a small trick that lets you change and customize the windows 7 Orb start button to the icon you want it to be.

This trick involves just the basic hack of changing the icon of the start menu using a tool called Resource hacker which some of you might be familiar with. The trick goes through the steps of replacing the icon with your own preferred icon of your choice, which could be your symbol ,button with your sign etc.
So here are the steps to go through with the process.
Step 1 : Download and install the Resource Hacker tool using the link given.
Step 2 : Keep your buttons ready with the following properties
It must be a 54 x 128 .bmp image.
Order of buttons in image
First- Default Idle button view
Second- Button on Mouse Over
Third- Button when Clicked
Step 3 : Using the Resource Hacker Tool, open the Explorer.exe file located inside the C:\Windows folder as a administrator.
Step 4 : Expand the Bitmap->6801 folder tree.
Step 5 : Right click on the 1033 file and select Replace Resource and navigate to the target image and Click Replace using Open file with new bitmap option.
Step 6 : Repeat the steps 4 and 5 for the Subtrees  Bitmap->6805 and Bitmap->6809 folders.
Step 7 : GO to File->  Save and the resource Hacker will automatically generate a backup file called  Explorer_Original.exe if anything goes wrong.
Step 8 : Restart or log in again to view the changes to your start button.
Do share your feedback in the comment section below .Cheers :D

Hack Cellphones With Super Bluetooth Hack

Super Bluetooth Hack is the best and also well known Mobile Bluetooth hacking software available. Many of you might be aware of this or even already be using this  free tool. So the post is mainly for the noobs out there who didn’t come across this tool until now.
Super Bluetooth Hack is a free and most importantly the most powerful hacking software for mobile phones that exists till date. It includes a wide range of  features like..
  • Import Contacts.
  • Play Songs in music Player
  • Switch Off
  • Restart Phone
  • Restore Factory Settings
  • Play Ringtones
  • Read Inbox
  • Send Message
  • Call using his phone
  • Browse Files
  • Change Profiles
The tool requires the victim to accept the Bluetooth connection first, but this is just a one time procedure for pairing the phones.Then it doesn’t require to pair the phones the next time.
Check out the tool from the download link given below and try out this tool in your Symbian phones.n have Fun!!!!..:)

11 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook

Facebook provides some useful keyboard shortcuts that could save you some extra time from reaching out to your mouse for all the clicks. Facebook shortcuts not only help you save some time of your regular facebook usage but can also help you navigate your favorite social network easily :D. So is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts that could really help you save some time.

Google Chrome

  • Alt+M Send new message,Opens up facebook new message box
  • Alt+/ Move Cursor to Search Box
  • Alt+1 View Home Page(News Feed)
  • Alt+2 View Profile Page
  • Alt+3 Accept or Decline Friend Requests
  • Alt+4 Open Message Page
  • Alt+5 Open Notification Bar
  • Alt+6 View Account Settings
  • Alt+7 View Privacy Settings
  • Alt+8 View Facebook Fan Page
  • Alt+9 Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement

  • Shift+Alt+M Send new message,Opens up Facebook new message box
  • Shift+Alt+/ Move Cursor to Search Box
  • Shift+Alt+1 View Home Page(News Feed)
  • Shift+Alt+2 View Profile Page
  • Shift+Alt+3 Accept or Decline Friend Requests
  • Shift+Alt+4 Open Message Page
  • Shift+Alt+5 Open Notification Bar
  • Shift+Alt+6 View Account Settings
  • Shift+Alt+7 View Privacy Settings
  • Shift+Alt+8 View Facebook Fan Page
  • Shift+Alt+9 Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement
Well there are your time saving shortcuts for you to try out. If you know any other Facebook shortcuts ,lets us know by sharing with us by your comments..:D

How to make Ubuntu Look like Mac OS X

If you love the Mac interface and you want to get this look onto your ubuntu operating system then here is a simple package that will install the Mac theme ,apps and resources onto your Ubuntu OS.And if you are a  Mac fan and you dont like to leave your linux OS at the same time,then you can get the look of a Mac OS X using a resource package called Macbuntu.Macbuntu is a awesome package to try out and check out the cool look of Mac OS Xin your ubuntu for free.
Macbuntu is not a simple theme that changes only icons and stuff,rather this installs all the app resources ,widgets and icons for the Mac interface completely onto your linux system without letting you paying like a Mac OS X and that too for free.So head over to sourceforge and download Macbuntu and enjoy the look and feel of a Mac OS X on your linux system.Macbuntu installs a number of applications from Mac OS that include Global Menu, Docky, Ubuntu-Tweak, Cheese, and even the Mac like Login screen.Follow these steps to install macbuntu in your ubuntu system.You can set a lot of options during the installation of the package like logo in the menu bar,window previewer and hot corner.

Download Macbuntu here. Type in the following  in the command prompt (Ubuntu 10.10) to install the Macbuntu package.
 wget -O /tmp/Macbuntu-10.10.tar.gz

 tar xzvf /tmp/Macbuntu-10.10.tar.gz -C /tmp

 cd /tmp/Macbuntu-10.10/

To Download the package manually go to this link here..Download. To uninstall the package just type
in the directory of tmp/macbuntu. You can even download the package using the link here..Download Macbuntu Let us know if you have any queries or if you like to share your experiences and suggestions about this topic let us know by your comment..Cheers..:)

How to Download Any Video By Just Playing it Once

Playing any Online videos takes a lot of time to download on some of your slower connections and so loading a video once, may take up few minutes and when you realize that you liked the video and want to download it, you will need to start the hectic Download process from the beginning which again will make you to wait till the whole video is Downloaded again.So what if you just played a video in Youtube,Metacafe or any other website and you just need to copy the played video onto your computer without the need of downloading it again.Well there is a simple solution that requires you to install a tiny software that will help you to search the browser cache where the video is stored in the temporary directory and you will need to just save the copy of the cache video file onto your hard disk to view it offline.You can even do this without the tool,but this software helps you to easily identify and help you to save the files easier and faster.
So just follow the simple steps to know how to install the software and how the tool works..
Step 1
In order for you to easily identify the videos in the browser cache files in the temporary directory, download a software called Video Cache View from the link provided and install the software.
This software helps you to identify the video files out of the temporary files stored in the cache,  as the file names will not always be stored in their actual extensions and rather will be in the .tmp or some other file extension.The software helps you to identify the video by a preview by playing it, then it will rename the video file while saving it to the hard disk.
Step 2
Play any video file in your browser from any website.Now open Video Cache View and refresh it to find the temporary video files list.

Step 3
Confirm the video you wanted to copy to the Hard disk by playing any selected video from the cache.Once you find your video, just right click on the file and select ‘Copy selected files to’ and type in the file name to save the file.
Now goto the location of the folder you saved the file and you will find a flv file ready to be played offline and for you to enjoy the video.
If you would like to share any tips or softwares that you think is useful, or if you have any queries about this article, then let us know by your comments.Cheers..:D


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