How to fix the iPad/iPhone Game Center or In-App Purchase Sandbox problem (This is not a Test User account error)

If you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone (like the latest iOS5.1.1), when you do in-app purchases (like subscribe or restore the purchase of the National Geographic Kids), you may get an annoying error message:

This is not a Test User account.
Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment. [Environment: Sandbox]

Then the purchase will fail.
Game Center also has Sandbox problem. Once you log in using your Game Center account, you will see a red "Sandbox" label on top of the Me icon in Game Center. Once this red "Sanbox" label appears, all your Game Center friends are gone. For example, you can no longer visit your friends in the popular Dragonvale game.

After searching the Internet and tried many different ways to fix, finally I found a way which completely fix the problem. Following is the the detail steps:

1. After the jailbreak, a app called Cyndia should already installed on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Open Cyndia, select "Sources" tab, click on Edit button at top-right corner and then click the Add button at top-left corner. Add the following resource:

3. Select "Search" tab, and search "AppSync". Select the corresponding version and install. For example, if you iPad is iOS5.1.1, choose AppSync for iOS5.x+.
After install is done, you can select Restart Springboard.

4. Search "Installous" and select Installous 5 and install. After install is done, you can select Restart Springboard.

5. Restart your iPad or iPhone.

6. Try the games and application which have the Sandbox problem. The annoying Sanbox problem should been fixed.
If the problem still there, you can uninstall and re-install these games or applications and the problem should be solved.

Enjoy your Sandbox free iPad or iPhone!

As a bonus, the Installous app you installed at step 4 has lots of free apps and games.

Top 5 iPhone Applications in 2012

There are now tens of thousands of applications available for your iPhone, iPod contact and iPad, and, amazingly, many of the best are no cost. The following list features our pick of the 10 best no cost iPhone programs, and includes iPhone programs for social media, travel, news, digital photography, efficiency and more. Most of these programs are also suitable for the iPod .If you are in fine of 5 best iphone applications of 2012 then you are at right place.
 octblog1.jpg (450×304)
Iphone 5 best applications of 2012

The biggest online community brings a firmly perfected experience to the iPhone and iPod touch, but however still enables you to access your connections, for and other important info. This sense of focus makes it in many ways superior to using Facebook in a pc web browser.
2.Angry Bird
iPhone and iPod contact game playing -- so symbolic of iOS that even though it's not created by The apple company, even though it's on other systems now, it's still the most popular, and still one of the most fun games ever to elegance the App Shop. While the concept of slingshotting variously operated birds at the variously created fortifications and taking variously wicked natural hogs might seem slim at first, fantastic game play and a continuous flow of up-dates keep it clean -- and consistently at or near the top of the maps. Provide it with a affair... and get ready to get rid of many an time pursuing those difficult three celebrity scores.
Electronic cameras modifying, until very lately, has been a process best matched for pc and computer systems, but Adobe shown that it could be done in the cellular space with Adobe photoshop Show, a free picture modifying program for the iPhone and other iOS gadgets. It's a leader of a cellular app, and can even manage disturbance decrease. All in all, Adobe Adobe photoshop Show is a strong resource for making light picture changes on your iPhone.
4.Drop box
ropbox provides 2GB of online storage area space place, with more available as part of a signing up. It allows you to availability details stored in your Dropbox, which can be used from any PC with online access. The iPhone app increases that to your mobile phone, where you are able to perspective the most common computer file kinds. These consist of PDFs, Term information, JPEG images and even MP3 details. Some video kinds are strengthened, while others are not.
What’s more, you can discuss details on your Dropbox with other people by emailing them a weblink to your online storage area space place. For anyone operating Apple’s newest iOS 4.0, you can operate those details in other third celebration programs too.The preferred operate allows you to store details off-line – offering you have got enough place – for immediate availability when you are not linked. You need to sign-up for a no cost Dropbox account – something that can be done in the iPhone app – and, for the best experience, set up the Dropbox software on your pc.

5. Instagram

The champion of Apple's popular "best app of 2011" prize, Instagram is a large hit which has totally changed giving images via iPhone and iPad. While the frequent photographic camera on your iPhone does a reasonable job, Instagram allows spruce-up your images by implementing lots of awesome filter systems and zoom contacts results to give your images a exclusive look and feel. But what create Instagram a achievements is its giving abilities. Once you're satisfied with your retro-looking taken, it's easy to publish it and it discusses it easily with buddies. Instagram creates the whole procedure simple and smooth, providing endless submissions for iPhone customers who love to papers their day with pictures

What I say about iphone best 2012 applications-
There are many other better iphone 5 applications and many of you might like other iphone applications but we have provide you the most used and the apps which are getting best response by the iphone lovers.
What you say about iphone best 2012 applications-
It all from my point of view now you say which applications you like are you agree with me did you find above provided  apps as iphone  best 2012 applications. come up with your comments.

Apple’s Failure to Block Stolen iOS

Apple has always remained fast in removing hacked content and applications from its portal. Be it applications or internal malicious software Apple has remained on the top of its league, being the most difficult to penetrate into and so it’s quite interesting to view Apple’s constant efforts in trying to remove an application that lets Apple users to download applications and its content free of cost rather than paying for it.ios-platform-20111012.jpg (350×343)
Unlike Android and Windows software Apple is difficult to hack into. Android users download paid applications from internet portals such as 4shared and File Crop but that didn’t work for Apple users as Apple’s security remained stable but that statement is a little off-track now as Apple’s jumped into the league of un-paid application download as well. Although Apple’s security caretakers are trying their utmost to remove this hack they’re failing miserably and the service is operating perfectly with its creators enjoying the prospective behind the wall.
Internal Apple employees have said that this application relies on a custom DNS server that catches requests from iOS devices. All the packet data intercepted from those purchases are then copied and that’s how applications are provided to users free of cost. Although Apple security providers tried to take measures in stabilizing this by blocking the server IP the measure failed. There is also a YouTube video that gives Apple’s users instructions about the hack and how it use to benefit your situation but Apple has claimed a copyright claim and since then the video has been removed from YouTube.
These situations might be amusing and beneficial for iOS users but for Apple it’s an internal disaster. According to Apple’s internal resources the Apple App Store has been used to download app-content more than 30,000 times the usual and this is quite a problem.
Although Apple has discovered the mind behind this hack as a Russian programmer known as Alexey V. Borodin, more commonly known as ZonD80 but they still haven’t been able to do much about it. Alexey Borodin is still continuing his efforts in providing iOS users with free applications and the host is still picking up whatever applications are being purchased on the App store. Apple’s security finders have even found out about the location of the DNS and say that it’s somewhere in Panama but even after their promising and serious tries they haven’t been able to back Borodin’s success down.
Apple has tried to cope up with the situation by providing a new version of the iOS known as the beta 3 but again this hasn’t helped cope up the situations with ZonD80’s amusing creation. Borodin has pushed himself a bit too far, he’s amused himself by providing a certain terms of service for the hack by saying that any possible damages won’t be accountable and the service doesn’t have a warranty time so user’s are supposed to use it on their charge and their responsibility.
Apple’s users are amused by this creation, this “new” App Store asks iOS user’s for their App Store passwords but they’re indulged to provide a completely random and fake one. According to Borodin this store is for everyone, free of cost.
The traffic on Borodin’s service is quite heavy with users pooling from everywhere to access their favorite applications free of cost. Although the service might run a little slow due to the intense load on the server Borodin wishes for money to buy a new machine with more bandwidth. His comical statements might be amusing for iOS users who are bundling their tablets and smart-phones with free applications, the internal employees of Apple are spending sleepless nights.

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