PD-PROXY free VPN the best tunneling software

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This is a very good service since it lets you surf web for free, you can also visit sites that are blocked by your isp. It's connection is secured and you do not have the problem of anybody tracking you through your ip address, it's all safe and secure.

now here are some benefits of using PD-PROXY:
Security: PD-PROXY is giving you an unmatched security level using it's advanced encryption and authenticating protocols that protects you.

Anonymous surfing:PD-PROXY assigns a new ip address that protects you.

Wi–Fi Security for Wireless World: When using a public wi-fi spots all your data/info is sent over the air without any security.But now with PD-PROXY it is safe and secure like a vault as it creates a connection through a tunnel which is not only secure but encrypted also.

PD-PROXY lets you surf the web the way you want.

I myself using it and it works very well. Premium account gives very good speeds with no limit.


GO TO http://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm to register yourselves.


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  6. I prefer to use Hotspot Shield free vpn as it respects the online internet privacy and freedom of its users. Also it does not track your web endeavors. I think it's best for me & you to unblock sites and for 100% online privacy.



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