Monitoring Your Computer – What Keyloggers Can Do in 2012

Fifteen years ago a keylogger was exactly what the name implied; software (or sometimes hardware) that logged keystrokes. Back in the days of Microsoft DOS this was all you needed but these days that would only show you half the picture. As technology has advanced so has the way you track and monitor it, especially as the majority of our computer activities now involve the internet.

If you haven't heard of a keylogger before (or computer monitoring software as it's more commonly known these days) it's software that you can install to run silently, hidden on your computer. Once running it monitors everything that goes on on your computer, and using a secret key combination and password you can 'un-hide' the software at any time to view the reports.

The first feature is almost always the ability to record keystrokes. If I had a keylogger on my computer right now it would be recording this as I type it and tell me that it had been typed in Microsoft word, along with the date and time. Good keyloggers will also tell you which website you are typing into, which means you can also record passwords and web based email.

A modern keylogger (or computer monitoring software) will usually take screenshots at set times. This could either be every X seconds/minutes, or simply whenever a new window or website is focused or called. Application use and website visits will also be monitored, along with the date, time and duration of visits.

This is usually the standard set of features you'll find on most keyloggers, a long with a handful of more advanced features. Printer jobs can be monitored, along with which printer was used and the time and date. File activities can also be monitored, which involves logging new, saved, opened and deleted files. Both of these features can be handy for offices, where monitoring documents and print jobs is important.

Remote e-mail reporting is another feature you'll find in a lot of 2012 keyloggers. You'll be able to enter your SMTP details and get the logs sent to your email account, eliminating the need to go back to the actual computer to view the logs. Some software even boasts a remote log in feature, that enables you to log in to the monitored computer in real time to view and read reports.

Although most of these features are becoming common, computer monitoring software can now monitor pretty much any aspect of your technological life. Webcams and microphones can be monitored with some software, meaning you can identify exactly who's using your computer. In fact, keyloggers have even spread to cell phones. A program installed on your cell can tell you everything from exactly where the phone is to who's being texted and called.

The features in todays computer monitoring software are so advanced that whatever your need, you'll find a solution. If you need stealth and a hidden solution, there will be software to match. If you need absolute remote reporting, you'll find something. In fact, there are now so many features that the term 'Keylogger' should be obsolete. 2012 is the year of Computer Monitoring Software.

Lewis Waller, the author of this article runs 'Gecko Monitor' – the powerful and stealthy computer monitoring software. To download a free trial of Gecko Monitor head to


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How to portforward correctly

Most user's have the same question

"My botnet wont work"

" i'm getting an error when I put in my port.

"i need help with my port."

Soon I will make a post about how to setup DarkComet without a port using proXPN.
Alright lets get started

1. Open CMD. (Start>Run>CMD) or (Start>Search>CMD)

2. When it comes up type in "ipconfig"

3. Look for "Default Gateway". There should be numbers by (192...ect.)

4. Open your web browser, and type in the numbers. Now press enter.

5. It should take you to your router's site. Your going to log in and look for the application or gaming section to add ports.

6. Add the number of your port. It should say something like Internal Port, External Port, and a box to enter the name for it. Make sure to leave everything else the same.

7. Then now you have your port.

Hope this helped out, sorry if I left out anything i'm in a rush but this should be evreything you need.

How to hack into a Database and take files

What will you need?
  • You need basic computer skills such as making new folders.
  • You Need a dos called Wget You can download from HERE
  • You need to have administrative privileges on your computer.

The Tutorial
Step 1: Download Wget from HERE
and put it on the root of your operating system, most people have "C" So go there and make a new folder called wget NO CAPS. Inside only put the dos. (btw the dos doesn't open I will show you how to use it)

Step 2: Open Cmd
In XP go to run and put CMD or
In vista/7 Search for CMD and right click open as Administrator.

[Image: step2e.png]

Step 3: In Cmd put "cd C:\wget" No quotes and if your main drive is not C put it as your main drive.

[Image: step3gj.png]

Step 4: Post this command "wget -r -A.jpg" (Don't press enter) See how it says .jpg, you can make it the extension your trying to get. Right now it would take any file with the extension .jpg and download it. If you changed the command to wget -r -A.html it would get all the html files ect.

[Image: step4y.png]

Step 5: Now after that you can space once and put the website or link/server you want to take from. It will check for safety and certificates if you don't want it too because its a hassle you can put this. --no-check-certificate. So after you put the first command you space you put this then you space again and post the website/link/server and port if you want to get specific.

Step 6: Now you're set! Just press enter and watch the magic happen. You can open another cmd and do another file extension at the same time.

[Image: step5b.png]

Step 7: Now just go to the wget folder on C and open it. There should be a new folder of the website in there. Click on it and thats the files.

[Image: step6o.png]

:pirate::pirate::yeye: Ok now if you have any questions whats so ever, feel free to post below. I will try my best to answer all of them. :blackhat:

Remove Password Protect From WinRAR Files [Excluzive]


I tested this and works fine, If you want to test it - Process with below steps Grin

Step 01:

Go to OnlineConvert Website

Step 02:

Then you can upload form like below picture

[Image: 15pigsh.png]

Upload your password protected WinRAR file to it

Step 03:

Wait some seconds and You will redirect to new page there is message like this

[Image: vgmrt3.png]

Step 04:

Click on download link and Download your new RAR file

Enjoy Bye
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Get Someone's IP Address From Facebook

Hello Guys, It's me #Unkn0wn - First I need to tell this trick is old one (Old=Gold)
By the way, Here it is for new guys Grin


Step 01

First invite your friend to chat via facebook

Make sure your all your other tabs in the browser and other services in computer are closed. If Possible for you then delete all the cache and browsing history from your browser

Step 02

Now talk to your friend via facebook, While you doing it
open your CMD

Quote:Start > Run > CMD

Step 03

After opening it, Type below code and enter

Quote:netstat -an

Now you will get some IP address on CMD window, Point your eyes to all "Established" connections

[Image: I6syJ.png]

Step 04

PS: Get all suspicious IP address and trace it via this sites

Hope It's helped for you, If you have any questions, Ask it here Bye

ForgeEmail Sender 2

[Image: fmail2.jpg]
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Top 5 Free VPN Services For All

Today i'm gonna give u top 5 free vpn softwares for you!  Bye

[Image: ip_class.png]


1. Open VPN

[Image: openvpn-logo.png] is a SSL/TLS based VPN, it provides high security and privacy. The biggest difference between PPTP VPN and OpenVPN is you need install OpenVPN client software to use OpenVPN service, and OpenVPN DO NOT work on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN works on Windows, Mac


2. PacketiX.NET – Free VPN client

[Image: packetixlogo_thumb.png]

PacketiX.NET is a Japan VPN service. It is actually a premium service, but they have PacketiX.NET online test service as well which is free to use. The service is fast and reliable and it is easy to use as well. Just download the VPN connection manager, install and connect! It works on Windows and Linux only.


3. UltraVPN

[Image: ultravpn.png]

UltraVPN is a French VPN client that hides your connection from unwanted ears and allows you to use blocked applications. It is also based on OpenVPN service. Traffic is quota is unlimited. Bandwidth is up to 500Kb/s depending on network conditions.


4. Hotspot Shield – The most popular free VPN client

[Image: hotspot-shield.jpg]

Hotspot Shield is possibly the most popular Free VPN client in the world. It made waves when Hulu was launched as it allowed users to watch Hulu even when it was blocked. Now, they have US & UK based VPN services which you can use to protect yourself from WiFi Snoopers, identity thefts and censorships. The best part is, Hotspot Shield provides unlimited bandwidth and works on both PC & Mac.


5. CyberGhost

[Image: simontools-cyberghost-vpn-1.jpg]

CyberGhost is a free VPN service from Germany which helps you route you through a German IP. The free service is limited to 10GB traffic every month, which is more than enough for surfing on websites, chatting and email. The paid service is also affordable.

The free service is limited to just 1GB per month now.


User often finds himself/herself in a dilemma hoe to escape the hacking problem. The concern is online banking or any other online transaction that needs high securities. The below mentioned tips are helpful for those who are just a beginner or intermediate user in online computing.

1. Don’t assume only for risk based scenarios or what type of attack will manifest your security. A person should prepare for highest risk acceptance. Many people makes their decisions assuming for particular scenario, however this is wrong practice for not to get hacked. Rather, think about how regular and normal people can access your data easily, because a hacker goes with this path only.

2. Try to keep your password more complicated. This thing will not only keep you away from bruit force attack but also it takes much time for others to recognize your password. These days password hacking is most common problem among internet users. To avoid such things, an internet user, must adopt with strong hashed password.

3. Keep a practice of using browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc instead of using Internet Explore. This is one of the best ways to stay away from hacking. There are lot many cases about internet explorer that it is vulnerable to virus, spy ware and ad ware attacks. Make sure you use internet explorer in case of legit websites only.

4. No matter what browser the user uses, but browsers are hostile for hacking. So, keep adding more security to your web browsers. Always try to use add-ons, because add-ons helps in identifying fishing websites, prevent passwords of getting into wrong hands and prevent your computer getting hacked

5. Don’t ever click on links provided in emails. Chunk emails from phishing websites are used for hacking. Phishing emails are difficult to trace, if you are unsure of email or website, try to type address manually into the address bar of a browser.

6. Always use a single credit card for online purchases. Using single credit card for online transactions is easy to remember your previous transactions and easier to monitor changes in strange way.

7. Shoulder attack, make sure there is no one behind you attempting to peak your password. Also do not make any sticky notes about your password. Your password is most vulnerable for hacking.

8. Do not use your computer overnight, because this is the only time when most of hackers are active.

9. After downloading any software or program from website, make sure you scan downloaded software 3 times by your antivirus software. You cannot predict a virus by its name and type.

10. Keep changing your password regularly and also does not share login information with anybody.
Above are some tips and things to be remember while surfing through internet and using important and confidential data over internet. These are some small things but make much difference when users avoid or don’t take it seriously. Try to be secure in each and every aspect because a small hole can ruin everything.


The information provided on is to be used for educational purposes only. The website creator is in no way responsible for any misuse of the information provided. All of the information in this website is meant to help the reader develop a hacker defense attitude in order to prevent the attacks discussed. In no way should you use the information to cause any kind of damage directly or indirectly. The word “Hack” or “Hacking” on should be regarded as “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical hacking” respectively. You implement the information given at your own risk.