How To Unblock Or hack Cyberoam To Access The Blocked Sites

Recently Our College has uploaded the Cyberoam client on the college server and we cannot access 90% sites through this ... wahtever the site we want to open it says it was blocked by ur Administrator... what the f*ck sites like opera and firefox are blocked... Really ROFL... After Got fked up from this I am giving you all the Detailed and 100% working Hack for cyberoam and how to unblock any site in college as Most of the colleges have cyberoam Installed...


Cyberoam’s all-inclusive UTM solution offers a well-coordinated defense through tightly integrated best-of-breed security solutions over a single interface -Stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, gateway anti-malware, intrusion prevention system (IPS), content filtering, bandwidth management (QoS), multiple link management and enhanced user-based reporting.
That means it maintains records "Who is Doing What" ?


First of all I will inform you all that cyberoam is highly secured internet client and it blocks all the types of proxies like http,CGI, socks(4/5), Ftp, highanonimity ...In short All..

As you all know that every Programmer leaves aleast a One Loop Hole in its Programming or software Design . Why I am saying this is beacause Cyberoam has also left this Loop Hole in its Design .. Now what is this loop Hole ??

Its HTTPS Loop HOLE...


Https are SSL secured http clients ... and these are most secured Sites on the Network , that's why cyberoam Leaves it ..
Now the Main Point To access the Blocked sites you have to use the Https based Proxies.
Most of Https based Proxies are Paid so to search on Net for free Https Based Proxies is a Waste of Time...
I am Providing You the One Such Free Proxy service to access blocked Sites On the Cyberoam.
So feel free to surf anysite in your college ... the Best thing is that This site will not allow cyberoam Admin to track You ..

Click on the above Link and surf Freely any site in your college...You need to accept the certificate provided by the Site to Use It... As your web web browser show the Certificate accept statement at the First time you visit the Https Site.


  1. The site security certificate not trusted say Chrome,so why i m open it.

  2. hey bro i have one new trick to bypass the cyberoam if u really wnt know about that just join to my blog and place comment

    that's really work and give the speed of 1 mb/s



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