DiyWeb Admin Bypass and Remote file/shell Upload exploit

Hi Guys, hope you are well. so we are back on our Old topic after a long time ! enjoy new exploit and please share your views and share our Links on Facebook,twitter etc. Thanks !
so Now turn to work. our new exploit is DiyWeb admin bypass, in this vulnerability we can upload our shell, deface pages, and files by bypassing admin login panel.
Exploit title : DiyWeb Admin Bypass and & file Upload exploit
Discovered By : NoentryPhc
Sever : windows
Type : web application
Shell extention : .asp

admin+bypass+safe+monde+bypass+windows+server+asp+shell.jpg (400×300)
Dork : "Power by DiyWeb" 
This exploit's almost all vulnerable websites are Malaysiyan.
To upload your files Goto :
and upload your shell/deface there !
if .php extention is not allowed then your can try tamper data and live http headers
to acess your file goto : and sometimes you have to find your manually on websites
Live Demo :

find more using Google dork :) Thanks for reading. please share post on facebook and other social networks

JBOSS Exploitation:
EC-Council Certification:


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