Free Download "MANNU php Symlink shell" with Graphical User Interface

MANNU Shell is GUI based symlink php shell  .
download  shell from this link
Download v 2.0 (password Protected)

  • username team
  • password indishell

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This script basically contains following functions
1.generates php.ini file :-
 it is to create php.ini file which help us to enable the disabled functions so that we can execute commands

2.Symlink the ROOT directory :-
  This option symlink the "/" directory (root directory) and gives the hyperlink to that directory where symlink has done
3.cms based symlink:-
  This option provides us the direct link of cms like joomla,wordpress
or you can get public_html diectory hyperlink just by providing website username(once we have done with second option) and username :-
 This function list the website hosted on server with their usernames.
5.username function :-
  in case /etc/named.conf has no read permission to list the server website
  just provide website name and press enter to get the username of the website

6.command execution :-
   you can run commands from this input box

first of all click on "generate php.ini" hyperlink (to enable all the functions on server) and the shell will show
hyperlink which we need to open in new tab and this process will enable the disabled function
and second step is to click on "symlink the root folder" hyperlink to check is server is vulnerable to symlink
when we will click on this option , shell will show hyperlink to "root" directory symlink
open it in new new tab,if we dont get 404 error, means symlink has been done
now you can use third and sixth option.


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